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    /slideshows/homeMedium/reconciliation2.jpg Reconciliation - Saturdays - 5:00-5:30pm or by appointment
  • RCIA

    Visit our RCIA Page to learn more about the classes beginning this fall.

  • St. Raphael Parish Mission Statement

    We, the Parish of Saint Raphael, are the People of God called to further the mission of Jesus Christ.

    We see as our purpose the bringing of active members of our parish,
    as well as inactive Catholics and the unchurched, into a deeper union with God.

    We do this by living the Gospel, in word and action, centered around the celebration of the Eucharist.

    We believe that today, more than any other time, we are called to form a community based on
    interdependence as the one Body of Christ.

    We do this by deepening our knowledge and understanding of the treasure of our Catholic faith,
    and by giving to our church family with our time, talend and treasure.

    Approved by the St. Raphael Parish Council 10/26/2010

  • Welcome Newcomers!

    Thank you for your interest in
    St. Raphael Parish.

    If you are looking for a new parish home or returning to the practice of your Catholic faith or seeking to know more about the Catholic Church and faith, we are happy to have you here!

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  • Breaking Open the Word [Psalm 128]
    May the Lord bless us all the days of our lives
    27th Sunday, Year B, 2015

    Psalm 128 praises God as the source of all blessings. According to this psalm family is the greatest of all blessings. Family is called to create an atmosphere of joy among its members. Fruitfulness of family consists in its connectedness to God, placing love of
    God at the center of family’s goal and concerns. A family that cannot live in joy saddens God; it would undermine God’s purpose in creating man as male and female, calling them to a life-long union of love and sacrifice!


  • Practice Meditation
    [For Twenty-Thirty minutes]

    ✦Choose a quiet place
    ✦Sit down comfortably with your back straight
    ✦Close your eyes lightly
    ✦Sit as still as possible
    ✦Breath deeply, staying both relaxed and alert
    ✦Slowly and interiorly begin to say your prayer word;
    [sample prayer words: 1] Jesus Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner, 2] Come Lord Jesus, 3] Jesus, you are my light and my
    salvation]; find your own prayer word from the bible.
    ✦Listen to the word as you say it
    ✦Continue repeating it gently for the whole time of the meditation
    ✦Return to it as soon as you realize you have stopped saying it
    ✦Stay with the same word during the meditation

    Do not evaluate your meditation. Do not be discouraged by distractions; rather let them
    come and go, always keeping your attention on the prayer word. In time, the fruits of your meditation will appear in your self, your life and in all your relationship.
    Daily meditation helps remove stress, anxiety, anger, frustrations and spend your day with blessed hope and the power of God’s grace. You may find this meditation difficult in the beginning but becomes easier as you practice it.

    Father Jose


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