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  • Breaking Open the Word
    [1Corinthians 15:20-26,28
    Christ will hand over the kingdom to the Father,
    so that God may be all in all

    Solemnity of Christ the King

    The central theme of Christian proclamation and faith is the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is the basis of Paul’s preaching. Paul personally encountered the risen Christ and received a mandate to proclaim the good news, that in Christ, all have forgiveness of sins and salvation and finally sharing in Christ’s risen life though resurrection from the dead.
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  • More voices, please!

    More voices are needed to enhance the quality of our newly formed choir.  Practices are held each Tuesday at 6:30pm in the church.  Please join us as we praise the Lord in song!

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  • The women of our community have a great gift this Advent with “the Journey” Retreat based on the life of our Blessed Mother. 
    Mark your calendar and register as soon as possible for December 5-6, with registration beginning at 6pm on Friday and ending with the Holy Mass on Saturday evening. 
    You can be assured that sleeping arrangements will be comfy, food will be delicious, social time and devotions will be very special.
    If you’ve never done a retreat before, this is a great one to attend.  The cost is only $30 and spots are limited, so please clear your calendar and register today--call 228-9800 or click here to register.

  • St. Raphael Parish Vision Statement

    It is our prayer that St. Raphael Parish is a community that characterizes the following vision:
    1. Where all members as disciples of Christ are encouraged to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through a focus on Sacred Scriptures and the Sacraments, especially the Sunday Eucharist.
    2. Where Liturgy is celebrated with the full, conscious and active participation of the members.
    3. Where sacraments are readily available and all Catholics are able to receive them throughout all stages of life.
    4. Where the sanctity of human life is supported from conception to natural death.
    5. Where all people feel welcomed and experience hospitality and spirituality.
    6. Where the many gifts of the faithful are discovered, affirmed and developed to build a vibrant catholic community.
    7. Where everyone is responsive to persons who are in need, vulnerable or marginalized.
    8. Where religious education and faith formation are provided for all ages.
    9. Where stewardship is a way of life and where all parish ministries are fully staffed and funded, and our building and facilities are regularly maintained.
    10.Where evangelization is understood as a responsibility of all, efforts to invite people into the Church are fruitful, and the Rite of Christian Initiation is fully celebrated.
    11.Where members actively encourage vocations to religious life and the priesthood.
    12.Where the ministries of our Bishop are supported and funded.
    13.Where we acknowledge and embrace the history of our parish and the sacrifices previously made and use that history of sacrifice as a model for our future.
    This vision will be a guide for all planning and pastoral work that is done in each of our four faith communities.