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  • Meditation on Psalm 82:1-8
    Give justice to the weak and the poor!

    Psalm 82 denounces ancient Near-Eastern polytheistic belief in many gods as contradictory to God’s self-revelation to Israel. There is only One true God [I am who I am-Yahweh: Exodus 3:14] and he disapproves human atrocities against humans in the name of their gods and goddesses [today, gods could be political and social systems humans create]. Psalm 82 reflects Catholic social teachings on the ‘preferential option’ for the poor and the weak. Unjust social systems discriminate and divide human family;
    it is an affront to God who is creator of all that many live in dehumanizing living conditions. Those who believe in One true God have the obligation to work for justice/fairness in society, to build God’s kingdom in human hearts.

  • Exciting news!!  We have purchased a parish subscription to FORMED.org, a website account that provides books, movies, information on sacramental preparation, youth materials, bible studies, small group materials, and MORE!!

    Check it out here - and please call the parish office to get the access code.



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    Our new parish app -
    St. Raphael Glasgow, MT - is now available for android and iOS devices.  Please download the app to access all the information available!

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